A Quick Guide to The Black Book Sessions

In this section I’ll try and answer any questions you may have about your Boudoir session. If I miss anything, drop me a line, I’d love to chat!

“Sex appeal is fifty percent what you’ve got and fifty percent what people think you’ve got”

Sophia Loren

And that, in short, is what Boudoir photography is all about.

Why do a Boudoir shoot?

I personally think that every woman – or man, should do a shoot, at least once in their lives. No matter what shape, size, or stage of life you’re at. It’s completely normal to be nervous though! Women in particular are so used to picking apart their “faults” in the mirror, leaving them with all sorts of insecurities about their bodies. That’s why I love these shoots so much – watching how quickly that all melts away and seeing my clients’ inner goddess emerge!

By the time you walk out, you’ll feel gorgeous and be brimming with confidence. It’s an amazing way to discover or remind yourself how beautiful you truly are.

Boudoir shoots make fabulous gifts for that special someone in your life. For brides to give to their husbands. For the hard to shop for. For a real moral boost for your loved one serving overseas. For the relationship whose passion you’d like to revive. To show yourself in a way you’ve never been seen before .Anniversary gifts, Valentine’s Day, Christmas. The list is endless.

More importantly, it’s a fantastic gift to yourself!  It’s the perfect way to capture yourself at your gorgeous best – right now.

We recommend booking your session at least 4-6 weeks ahead of time if your session’s pictures are intended as a gift for a specific occasion. It’s important to remember that the turn-around time for printing is generally around 2 weeks, and build this into your calculations in order to ensure that your gift is ready when you need it. We can discuss this when you book your session.

Please let me know about any rush orders – I will try and accommodate you in any way I can!



So, if you’re ready to let that Goddess inside you out, here’s what to expect!


Drop me a line and we can set up a time for the shoot and the pre-consult. All shoots include a pre-consultation. I find this really important. Everyone’s idea of sexy is different. To some it’s smoldering and hot, to other’s it’s demure and teasing. Some prefer more nudity than others.

Sexy can be anything. There are no rules here. Whatever is going to make you feel comfortable. I also have a lot of pictures we can look at to give you some inspiration, should you need it.

If you are doing this as a gift, think of what excites your partner. What his/her passions are? Music, sports, their work or hobby? We can incorporate these into the shoot to make it extra special. If you’re doing it for yourself, how have you always imagined yourself? A Brigitte Bardot –style sex-kitten? A sultry vixen? A teasing pin up girl?Let your imagination run wild!

Having the pre-consult allows me to get an idea of your tastes, your needs and the direction we are going in. We can plan our location, what you are going to wear, how you’re going to do your make- up and hair and to answer any questions you may have.

I prefer to meet in person – a quick coffee date, so we can get to know each other a bit, but we can also do it via email or the phone – whatever suits you best.

The Who’s, Where’s and What’s of Shoot Day!


Boudoir photography is most flattering in natural light – so the best places for shoots are those with windows and lots of light coming through. The clients’ home is usually a good place to shoot, but alternatives are available. Other popular locations are hotel or bed and breakfast rooms, which can be arranged.




Well, you and I for sure! In some cases I may have an assistant, but I will inform you ahead of time if this is going to be the case.

I do insist on no children being present at the shooting location. I want you to be able to completely relax and enjoy your experience!

What can I expect the shoot to be like?

I strongly recommend getting your hair and makeup done for the shoot. We can arrange for a stylist for the day of the shoot, especially if you are going for a certain look. A professional makeup artist/hair stylist will be able to get you that flawless look, picture-perfect skin and hair, add false eyelashes and more importantly you’ll be feeling all glamorous, beautiful and confident before the shoot even begins. It just gets you into that mindset, seeing yourself so perfectly done up.

We’ll set up, and once you’re all glammed up we’ll go through some poses and ideas again, and then – let the fun being! I’ll provide you with plenty of help and guidance throughout, showing you the best ways to pose and position you in ways that’ll highlight your best qualities.

I’ll be able to show you some of the pics as we go, and it’ll give you plenty of confidence seeing how amazing you look!

What happens after the shoot?

About 2 weeks after the shoot, I’ll contact you with the details of your password –protected gallery with your re-touched pictures (retouching includes cellulite and blemish removal, teeth whitening etc…). You’ll be able to peruse your pictures and pick from them the ones you want used for your book, DVD, calendar or prints.

I will then create your order and send the design to you for your approval. Once I’ve got the go ahead from you, it’s off to print, and you’ll receive it, beautifully presented, within about 2 weeks of submission.

All that’s left is to enjoy the pictures and the response you get from them!

Will my pictures be published on your website, blog – or anywhere else?

Absolutely not! Unless you’d like them to, that is! The pictures that appear on the site are shown with the full approval and permission of the lovely ladies involved. You never know, you may be just like them, and want the world to see how amazing you looked.;)

Your privacy is very important and respected at Two Continents.

How do I set up my Black Book Session?

Just drop me a line, by calling me on 309 696 9411 for USA bookings, or 087 8066 300 (ext 339) or drop me a mail at toni@twocontinentsphotography!

Do you do group shoots?

Yes! I do bridal bachelorette parties and Black Book Session Parties (min 3, maximum 6).

I also have a referral programme – for every 5 confirmed Black Book Sessions, that come from referrals by you, you’ll receive $50.00 credit toward a shoot of your own (to be used on any kind of shoot).

Hope to see you through the lens soon!