The Black Book Sessions


Boudoir is very loosely defined as the Bedroom or Intimate space.




It’s in those intimate spaces that we are all these things, without reservation.


The Black Book Sessions are, in my opinion, a must do for every woman.


No matter what age, shape or stage you are in life – a Boudoir shoot will leave you feeling beautiful,inside and out, and brimming with confidence.


A Boudoir shoot can be a little scary , in the best possible way – stepping out of your comfort zone always is – but I love seeing how fast nerves give way to laughter, everything becomes super relaxed and it’s not long before you’ll be really getting into those poses.


That’s why Boudoir is my favorite form of portraiture – Seeing women come away feeling gorgeous, getting real a boost  -  one they  sometimes didn’t even know they needed, and so excited to get the pictures!


Women do a Boudoir shoot for all sorts of reasons.


Perhaps you want to capture yourself in a way you’ve never been seen before, surprise your partner with a different side of you, or recapture the way you used to look before the rush of life overwhelmed. Perhaps you just want to celebrate You!


It makes a stunning gift for that Special Someone in your life. Brides love it to celebrate their upcoming wedding. It’s a wonderful anniversary gift, and a great way to rekindle the passion in a relationship. Many do it for those they love serving overseas. For birthdays, Valentine’s day , or Just Because.


Giving the Gift of Black Book Session:


A Black Book Session makes a great bridal shower gift, and a great gift for you gents looking for a unique gift for the special lady in your life.




Contact me to set up your own Black Book Session or for more information!